Why should I choose Clínica Dental Padrós as a good dentist Barcelona? Clínica Dental Padrós was founded in 1963. Since their creation they have constantly evolved into their current position as one of the most complete and best equipped centres around. It is an accepted fact that part of the population do not care to know the name of the qualified dentist who shall attend them, nor the true quality of the treatments which they shall receive when in “this or that” dental clinic. Proof lies in the number of patients who accept bargain treatments offered by intermediary agents. Nevertheless, other, more discerning, patients are very interested to learn about the hands and the facilities in which they shall entrust their dental care and treatment. They want to know what truly lies behind the smiling faces beaming in the adverts.

Unfortunately, there is no guide (like the Michelin hotel guide) which gives advice on the actual quality of service and equipment of each clinic in the country. Therefore, through this website we aim to provide a point-by-point description and demonstration of our most notable facilities, recently introduced novel technologies and the exact advantages they yield in terms of improved treatment quality.

Our intention is to offer you a minutely detailed presentation. But in addition to this, we feel so justifiably proud of our equipment, and the concerted effort to form such a comprehensive collection, it is difficult for us to contain our enthusiasm to introduce, demonstrate and explain to you the purpose of each piece. We are also very pleased to provide a summary of our accomplishments in research and the papers we have published.

Therefore, we would like to extend our gratitude to you because you weren’t content with the model’s smile and, as you are visiting our website, wish to learn more about the special services and equipment we can offer you.

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Why choose Clínica Dental Padrós as a good dentist Barcelona?

At your service for 50 years6 treatment rooms fully equipped with the latest technologyFriendly, personal treatment
6 highly qualified specialist doctors1 advanced operating theatreWe consider your comfort at all times
Recognised with 12 national and international awards3 surgical motorsPunctuality
150 courses delivered3 lasersMinimally invasive treatment
Over 100 scientific articles publishedCAD/CAM technologyPainless anaesthesia
3 scientific journals editedPiezoelectric microsurgeryHighly coordinated teamwork
Over 100 private scientific investigations completedPlasma rich in growth factorsHolistic dentistry
4 books publishedAdvanced tissue regenerationBudgets adapted to your needs
Regular and continual training. Over 300 courses attendedAdvanced aesthetic studiesWe are not subject to the demands of mutual insurance companies, franchise owners, salespeople or agents of any kind
Permanent quality control3D digital radiologyStrict work ethic
Constant renovationAdvanced orthodontic treatmentMade-to-measure financing
University professors and directors of post-graduate coursesOzone therapyFollow-up of treated cases. We teach the best methods for maintaining optimum dental health

We like to do things properly. We have a passion for excellence in our work. We also love to create a friendly atmosphere in the office and our patients feel assured that your oral health is in good hands.

We have found that there are many comments from people who are looking for a good dentist Barcelona. We hope to meet all your expectations and become that good dentist Barcelona.

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