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Veneers are very thin composite or ceramic shells that we place on the outside of the teeth to change their shape and colour.
They allow us to create extraordinary smiles 
in a very short time, with very little preparation of the teeth and with fabulous, long-lasting results.
Are you ready to experience your new smile?

Layered composite veneers

Have you ever seen a celebrity in magazines or on TV who had extremely white, even teeth and thought that wasn’t a nice smile?
We thought so too. That’s why we’ve
years of experience to perfect the creation of smiles that look white, beautiful and NATURAL.
Natural teeth are not just one colour. They combine colours, varying degrees of translucency, fluorescence effect, opalescence
 etc. By mastering the techniques of composite layering we can create
your new beautiful and natural smile without the need for crowns or more complex treatments so that you can start smiling right away.






First we take photographs and digital scans of the teeth.
Then we design your new smile following the most perfect parameters to achieve your ideal smile.


Based on this study we develop a digital prototype with the computer.


We print it out so that we can carry out an aesthetic test (mock up), so that we can verify, before starting the treatment, if we like the design of your new smile.


We can modify anything we want. And once we like it, we turn it into your new definitive composite veneers in a single session.






Frequently asked questions about composite dental veneers

Composite veneers are used to improve the colour, shape, position, alignment, and in certain cases, texture of teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing and attractive. They can usually be placed in a single visit and require little or no preparation of the teeth.

First, records are taken, such as photographs and digital models, which are used to design the ideal smile for each patient. Next, a 3D prototype is created with which we can carry out an aesthetic test (applying a resin over the teeth). This test is used to check, (before starting any treatment), whether we like the final projected result or whether we want any modifications. Once approved, the specialist will make the veneers in 1 single session, placing different shades of composite bonded to the outside of your teeth following the design made. The skill and experience of the specialist, as well as the quality of the materials used will determine the final beauty of the smile achieved with the treatment.

The lifespan of composite veneers depends very much on the hygiene habits and care of the individual patient. They usually last for at least 5-10 years. If regular maintenance and polishing is carried out once a year, the life span can be extended much longer. Composite veneers can be polished, repaired or replaced without damage to the tooth.

The price of composite veneers varies depending on the technique, the materials, the number of veneers to be made and the complexity of the case. The price per veneer can range from €150 to €500. The best thing to do is to schedule a visit and our expert will carry out a personalised study and a detailed estimate without obligation.

The main advantages of composite veneers are as follows:

  • Composite veneers are fabricated directly on the teeth in a single session, whereas ceramic veneers require two visits (one for preparation and record-taking and one for the placement of the veneers).
  • On the day the veneers are done, modifications can be made to suit the patient desires. Any minor adjustments (adding, removing, lengthening, shortening, rounding, etc.) can be made at the same visit. They can also be modified at a later date, in a different session.
  • Composite veneers are less expensive than ceramic veneers.
  • Composite veneers can be modified, touched up, repaired or replaced more easily than ceramic veneers.

Don’t hesitate, if you are thinking of improving your smile with bonded resin veneers and you still have doubts about which treatment would best suit your situation, let our specialists study your case, explain it in detail, show you examples of similar cases and advise you on the best solution for you.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers, created by expert ceramists, can change your smile in a very beautiful and natural way.  Similar to the results that we get with composite veneers.  The difference is that ceramic is a more resistant and stable material, so they remain just as perfect after many years and never use to need to be polished or maintained. The process is similar in terms of design and aesthetic testing, but instead of being done directly on the teeth, they are fabricated outside the mouth and placed (bonded to the tooth) once they are finished. The bonding of composite or ceramic veneers to the tooth is very powerful and allows you to follow a completely normal life (brushing, chewing, etc. as if you were not wearing them). Basically we only add a few tenths of ceramic to your natural enamel to improve your smile.









Frequently asked questions about ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers can improve many tooth imperfections including colour change, staining, discolouration, enamel defects, change of shape, length, position, proportions etc. Unlike crowns, ceramic veneers do not cover the entire tooth. They only cover the outer (visible) part, giving a more beautiful appearance to each tooth.

Nowadays, in most cases, we can produce ceramic veneers with minimal preparation (0.2-0.3mm) on the outer side of the enamel, or even, in some cases, without preparation. This means that the tooth is hardly damaged at all. If the veneers were to be removed one day, the teeth would look the same as they did originally. In cases where the teeth are very displaced from their ideal position, instead of wearing down the teeth to correct their appearance, it is preferable to first carry out a fast invisible orthodontic treatment to put them in place and so hardly any preparation is required.

Yes, ceramic veneers produced by expert ceramists look very natural and beautiful. By playing with the degrees of translucency, opalescence, colour gradients, etc. extraordinary results can be achieved. The aim is that nobody notices that you are wearing veneers. We simply want them to tell you that you have a beautiful smile.

First of all, records are taken, such as photographs or 3D models of your teeth, which are used to design your ideal smile, with teeth that have the ideal position, colour and proportions. Based on this study, a 3D prototype is created, which we use to carry out an aesthetic test to check that we like the design of your new smile before starting the treatment. At this point we can make any modifications we consider appropriate. Once approved, we proceed to produce the ceramic veneers. Two visits are needed. In the first one, the minimal preparations of the teeth are made and the digital models are taken. This procedure is not uncomfortable and does not usually require anaesthesia. In a second visit, the veneers are tried in and if we like the way they look, they are permanently bonded to the teeth. The bond between the veneers and the enamel is extraordinarily strong and allows you to lead a completely normal life (brushing, eating, etc.).

In most cases, the teeth are not prepared, or are prepared very little (0.2-0.3 mm) and only on the outer side of the teeth, which is almost imperceptible. This process usually does not require anaesthesia and does not cause any discomfort. This minimal preparation hardly alters the shape of your teeth, but allows us to obtain a much more perfect and natural result.

Ceramic veneers are highly resistant to chemical attack. They stain or wear less than natural tooth enamel and do not lose their lustre over the years. This is why they often last for many years, even decades, without being altered. Of course, how long they last also depends to a large extent on the care, oral hygiene and maintenance checks carried out by each patient.

Ceramic veneers are more resistant to staining than your natural enamel, however, you should continue to use the same hygiene and maintenance procedures that you used for your teeth before you had veneers.

This is a factor that will be discussed with your dentist in the evaluation and design of the smile so that the veneers are the same colour as the rest of the teeth. Most patients usually decide to have their lower teeth whitened to get brighter veneers, achieve a colour match with their lowers and ensure a better final result.

The sensation of touching your tongue or lips is very similar to what you feel with your natural teeth. At first you may be surprised by your new appearance. You will like it but you will find it a bit shocking because it will change the look you were used to. After a few days you will be used to it and you will love your new smile.

The first 5-7 days you should eat with a little caution to give the brain time to get used to the new shape. After this initial period there is no limitation within common sense.

Yes, you can follow a completely normal life, eat everything and use all the recommended hygiene habits (brushing, flossing, interproximal brushes, mouthwashes, etc.).

Don’t hesitate, if you want to improve your smile, visit us and our specialists will advise you on the best solution for you, show you similar cases and answer your questions without obligation.

Other testimonials

Ares con un cachorro
Ares junto a un ibon



Our efficient receptionist is always ready to help, and attends to everyone with a smile. She is also a specialist in osteopathy and massage. She loves the mountains, the beach and animals.

Angels en la montaña



Our Head of Customer Service among a thousand other things. She organises fantastic team activities for us. She has recently become a proud grandmother. She loves weekend getaways, arts and crafts, and makes a party out of any tradition.

foto de Isabel en la playa



Another of our gum specialists, although she is always training in other specialities and has an infinite interest in learning about any subject. She loves the beach because it helps her to ‘reset’ every August.

foto Dra. Gemma Mayor con su perro

Dra. Gemma Mayor

Oral Rehabilitation

Specialist in Oral Surgery and in alternative integral therapies such as Neural Therapy, Mastication-Respiration Rehabilitation,… She loves dancing, yoga, self-knowledge, travelling, animals and living as much as possible in contact with nature.

La Dra. Jennifer Martín cantando
La Dra. Jennifer Martín practicando el senderismo

Dra. Jennifer Martín

Oral Rehabilitation

She has collaborated with the clinic since she finished her degree and is a lecturer on the Postgraduate Course in Advanced Aesthetics that we teach for other dentists at the Catalan Society of Dentistry. She devotes much of her free time to continuing her education, but she also loves flamenco, ballet, playing the guitar and singing.

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Anna jugando al sumo



Anna, in addition to assisting Dr. José Luis Padrós, is in charge of organising the entire stock of materials, especially the implants. She loves going to her village with her children and meeting friends.

La Dra. Margarita Monterrubio montando a caballo
La Dra. Margarita Monterrubio haciendo senderismo

Dra. Margarita Monterrubio

Orthodontics and General

Co-director of the clinic. Although she has worked in all specialties, what she enjoys most is orthodontics, both in adults and children. In addition to patient care, she is also part of the clinic’s management. As a good islander (she is Mallorcan) she loves the sea, the beach, nature and her great passion is animals, especially horses.

La Dra. Inés Fernández Guallart aficionada al teatro

Dra. Inés Fernández Guallart

Oral rehabilitation

Collaborator for some years in the clinic and associate lecturer in the Postgraduate course in Advanced Aesthetics that we teach for other dentists in the Catalan Society of Dentistry. Lecturer at the University of Barcelona. She specialised in the United States in implantology and oral rehabilitation, endodontics, aesthetics, periodontics… She loves theatre, dressing up, travelling, nature walks, and all kinds of handicrafts.

foto Cristina escalando en roca
foto Cristina subiendo por una escala


Auxiliary, Hygienist

Another of our veterans. She is very skilled in all laboratory work, and masters all specialities as an assistant and hygienist. She now assists our collaborators, Dr. Fernández and Dr. Martín. She enjoys hiking and playing beach tennis.

zapatillas de baile clásico
mujer acariciando a un gato


Auxiliary, Hygienist

Incredible as it may seem, she has been with us for 30 years. He is a hygienist, although she masters all areas of the profession, she is a specialist in “Platelet Rich Plasma”, she is Dr. Monterrubio’s assistant, and she also helps Dr. Padrós to coordinate the Postgraduate Course in Advanced Aesthetics which she directs at the Catalan Society of Odontology. She always makes sure that we are all well. Passionate Ballet and loves cats and travelling.

primer plano de Pilar
Pilar haciendo trecking



She has been working with Dr. Esteban Padrós for a lifetime. Both joined our team definitively in 2020, and we are delighted to have them on board. She loves walks in the mountains and nature.

El Dr. Esteban Padrós dibujando
El Dr. Esteban Padrós practicando la fotografía

Dr. Esteban Padrós

Oral rehabilitation

Cousin of Dr. José Luis Padrós, he has been working with us for many years. Fortunately, in 2020 he moved to our clinic permanently. He is also an associate professor in the Postgraduate in Advanced Aesthetics that we teach for other dentists in the Catalan Society of Dentistry. He masters all specialties, and has special skills with the new 3D digital design programs, adapting easily to all new technologies. He loves drawing, photography, sports, travelling, reading, listening to music and cinema.

Raquel riendo con su hija
Raquel leyendo y haciendo senderismo con su hija



She is one of our gum specialists, although she really helps us with a thousand other things. She started with us when she was very young. She loves reading, dogs, walks in the countryside, she is an excellent cook, but what she enjoys most is doing any of these things with her wonderful daughter.

El Dr. José Luis Padrós en el gimnasio

Dr. Jose Luis Padrós

Scientific Director

Alma mater of our clinic. Director of the Postgraduate Course in Advanced Aesthetics that we teach for other dentists at the Catalan Society of Dentistry. Insatiable supplier of new techniques and materials, especially in the fields of dental aesthetics, rehabilitation with prostheses and implantology. He spends much of his free time preparing for the training he gives, but still finds time to cycle, ski, play tennis, golf and paddle tennis.

foto Inés primer plano
foto Inés practicando sernderismo



She has been in the family since she was very young. She keeps our clinic spotless and magazine-ready following strict cleaning protocols. She loves walks in the countryside, picking asparagus and mushrooms, cooking, handicrafts, she is a painter and enjoys trips with her friends.

foto Esther en África con niños
foto Esther en África comiendo con unos niños



Gum specialist. She is a dreamer, creative, involved in a thousand social causes. She is in love with Africa, especially with her children.