The tekscan device is probably the best system designed for the occlusal analysis (the study of how teeth fit when we bite or when we move our jaw). The patient bites on a thin plastic sheet equiped with high precision sensors that send the information to the computer so that it can be analyzed. It allows us to precisely know in wich order do teeth contact when we bite, with wich intensity, with wich difference in time (miliseconds), etc.

Why is it so important to adjust with such level of detail the way that teeth fit?

For the long term survival of our teeth, our dental treatments, and our mandibular joint, it’s crucial that the contacts between upper and lower teeth are harmonious and well distibuted. It is also necessary to have the contacts on certain teeth when we move our jaw from side to side or forward.

Due to the complexity of the movements that we can make when biting, it is very difficult to reliably evaluate the situation and intensity of those contacts. That’s why we have incorporated the Tekscan. An advanced device that electronically records the masticatory movements and shows us with high level of detail all the dental contacts during jaw movements. This way, we can avoid fractures and wear on teeth and dental restorations, and we can also avoid the mandibular joint pathology caused by bruxism and other bad masticatory habits.

Tekscan recorded the activity and shows chewing dental contacts during jaw movements.
Tekscan technology in Padrós Dental Clinic
Tekscan technology in Padrós Dental Clinic