Diagnodent. Detecting caries by laser

Caries often appear in hidden areas of teeth (where it is difficult for toothbrushes to reach) or enter through fine grooves in the tooth and then develop in the interior (dentine). It can be difficult to diagnose these cases in time.

And their early detection is very important as it means that more comfortable, simpler and less expensive treatments can be carried out. It also means teeth retain more healthy tissue. Early detection often allows us to repair the caries without anaesthesia or with minimally invasive dentistry (micro-burrs, air abrasion, lasers, etc.), with no discomfort at all for the patient.

The Diagnodent system diagnoses the presence of caries using a laser. It consists of a laser beam that shines on the tooth and measures the tissues’ different levels of fluorescence. The technique is quick, the patient feels nothing at all (we simply illuminate the tooth) and it provides data on the activity of caries in the area.

This not only allows us to detect hidden caries, but we can also appreciate how advanced, active or aggressive they are and then treatment them accordingly.

The Diagnodent laser caries diagnosis system facilitates early detection of hidden tooth damage
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