Carisolv® is a very conservative (minimal tissue removal) caries treatment system. It combines a liquid and some special instruments. While it has no effect on healthy dental tissue, it dissolves the decaying dental tissue of caries.

It is a very useful procedure when treating caries in anxious children or adults as it reduces the need for rotating instruments. We can also perform very controlled and selective elimination of damaged dental tissue, making the system ideal for treating large caries that are close to the tooth’s nerve.

As part of our own quality control programme we have carried out electron microscope studies on the tooth’s surface after treatment with the Carislov® equipment, examining the adhesion interface and the bonding forces obtained with different restoration materials. The results confirmed the efficacy of the system.

Carisolv barcelona minimally invasive dental caries clinical dental padros dentist
The Carisolv® system dissolves dental tissue with caries in a very controlled and conservative manner, without damaging surrounding healthy tissue
Carisolv Barcelona

Carisolv Barcelona