Pinhole Surgical Technique Day for gum rejuvenation at Clínica Dental Padrós in Barcelona

Do your gums have retractions?

Recovering the gum that has retracted around your teeth is something technically very complex.  Until very recently, this was only possible to correct surgically by uncomfortable palatal gum grafting.

Now it is possible to recover the position of your gums using a minimally invasive technique, the Pingole Surgical Technique, developed in California by Dr. John Chao.

The technique does not use scalpels or sutures, the result is almost immediate and recovery is very fast.

Before treatment with the Pinhole technique


After treatment with the Pinhole technique


The doctors From Clínica Dental Padrós Paral.lel, were certified in this technique in the year 2016, when it was still unknown in our country.

On August 30th, we will celebrate a special day dedicated to this technique. We will have the collaboration of Dr. Katherine Schacherl and her team, members of Dr. John Chao’s team of instructors in the United States.

If you suffer gum retraction and you want to be part of the group of patients who will be treated using this technique during the day, you can request it until July 27th by calling our office.