New intraoral scanner TRIOS 3Shape. More precise and comfortable impressions than ever before.

Wouldn’t you like to be treated from now on with the most comfortable and modern digital dentistry?

Following with our passion and commitment to offer our patients the best and most comfortable dental treatments, we offer you the most advanced intraoral scanner available today: The Trios system, from 3shape.

The Padrós Clinic team proudly shows its new technological incorporation, the new intraoral Trios scanner from 3shape

During dental treatment procedures, we often need to take impressions of our patient’s teeth, using impression pastes. This step is often felt as uncomfortable by some people.

Thanks to the new digital 3D impression technology, we can now register our patient’s teeth through a small video camera. The system can capture up to 3000 high definition 3D images per second which are then used by the computer to create a perfect 3D image in real time. No need to use impression pastes or trays.

By using this new technology, we can take in a very few minutes, and in a very comfortable way, a perfect 3D digital image of our patient’s teeth.

Digital reproduction obtained through the new intraoral scanner Trios of 3shape

The Trios system from 3shape is the most precise and versatile scanner available today. It allows us to have impressions with a resolution of 5 microns.

The system has been awarded for the last 4 consecutive years with the Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award as the world’s best intraoral scanner.

Once we have our high-resolution 3D image in our computer, we can use it to print a 3D model of our patient’s teeth or we can use it directly to create digital designs of our restorations (such as crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers, implant crowns, etc.)

In can even be used to analyse our orthodontic cases and to help position the brackets in the ideal place on every tooth.

It can be combined with our 3D x-ray studies to create surgical guides that can help us in the placement of our dental implants in the ideal position for every patient.

All the procedure is digital, and the manufacturing of the restorations can be performed through CAD-CAM technology, using high precision robots.

The accuracy of fit of the restorations created using this technology is just astonishing, even when we deal with extended oral prostheses, mainly because we avoid the risk of having shrinkage of the materials used in the manufacturing of the restorations.

In a recent study, 100% of the patients said that they preferred the intraoral scanner impressions rather than the conventional systems using impression pastes and trays.

Dra. Jennifer Martin using the new 3shape Trios intraoral scanner

This technology reduces up to 89% the risk of introducing small impression mistakes.

It’s easy and convenient for us to integrate it with our current digital smile design protocols, and it also allows us to communicate in real time with the most advanced digital labs around the world.

So, it’s mainly a new great technologic improvement in the dental world, that can help us provide a better and more comfortable dental experience for our patients.

The incorporation of digital technologies into dentistry has brought many exciting changes in recent years, but most of these technologies require a commitment from either the dentist or the manufacturer in order to make the workflow efficient and effective. One of the most innovative aspects of digital integration for dentistry has been the arrival of digital printing technology, such as the TRIOS 3Shape scanner.
Although traditional printing techniques have proven to be accurate throughtout generations, they can be uncomfortable for patients. The immediacy of the digital printing technology allows greater precision and preparation. In addition, greatly improves the speed of communication between the dentist and the laboratory.

The TRIOS 3shape experience

TRIOS3® is much more than a scanner. TRIOS® is a multifunctional digital tool for odontologists who creates 3D digital prints and makes high-definition intra-oral photographs to document cases.
All the information of each case is given immediately to the dental technician so that he can design and create the restorations of high quality and with a perfect fit.
Gradually more odontologists use digital printing systems because this new technology guarantees a simple print and digital accuracy and increases patient satisfaction.
Its main features are speed and high precision.
The 3Shape scanner has a similar shape to an intraoral camera. As it is passed through the teeth, the scanner creates a 3D image on the computer. The scanner provides great flexibility for the dentist and patients, as it is not necessary to perform the scanning at a specific distance or angle of focus. During the scanning process, the upper and lower jaws are scanned separately. The TRIOS optical sectioning technology is very fast and allows you to scan a quadrant in just 3 minutes.

Much more than an impression

Performing a mouth restoration accurately using the traditional print outlet is not an easy task at all. The lack of uniformity in the quality of the impressions frequently causes that it is necessary to repeat the shots again, the clinical and esthetic results are not what were expected and there is a greater need to make adjustments during the placement.
TRIOS® digital printing solves many of these drawbacks, allowing accurate printing at a single appointment. TRIOS® helps save time and helps improve the experience of the dentist and patient.

Advanced detail capture

TRIOS® software has been optimized so that more detail is captured throughout the scanning process, especially around the margin line, allowing the margin line to be more precisely dimensioned and positioned in a more simple way.
TRIOS® automatically detects the presence of unwanted anatomical parts, such as the tongue, cheek or lips, and removes them from digital printing in real time.

Advantages of TRIOS 3Shape

For the dentist

    • Simple and intuitive user interface allows an exceptional user experience
    • Rapid printing achieves greater precision and improved clinical results

For the patient

    • A quick and comfortable experience, no molds or printing pastes are required
    • Useful for patients with nauseous reflex problems
    • Accuracy and digital precision allow better adjustment in restorations
    • The total query time is reduced considerably
    • Greater satisfaction
    • High quality clinical results