Air abrasion. Minimally invasive tooth decay treatment

Thanks to the latest developments in dentistry, it is now possible to offer you very comfortable dental treatment. Nevertheless, for many people the traditional high-pitched sound of rotating instruments is still very unpleasant.

The air abrasion treatment system consists of using a spray of 30 – 80 micron aluminium oxide particles to eliminate the caries tissue without the need for a burr (the classic drill with the high-pitched sound). The instrument does not touch the tooth, only the spray does, and so the vibration is barely noticeable.

Furthermore, the use of air abrasion means we can cure even extremely small caries. It is a minimally invasive method for treating caries. The combination of early detection (DIAGNOdent, radiovisiography, endoscopy, etc.) with minimally invasive caries treatment improves and simplifies the maintenance of dental health. In this manner we can cure caries with minimal repair work, maintaining the maximum amount of healthy tooth as possible, with no need for anaesthesia, with no discomfort, in a short time, inexpensively and with a better long-term outcome.

Dental air abrasion is a minimally invasive method of treating caries, with no discomfort, vibrations or high-pitched sounds
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Air abrasion

Air abrasion