Dolphin 3D. Orthodontics studio

It is very important to perform a suitable study of each case before deciding exactly which procedures and technology should be employed. The Dolphin 3D system provides immeasurable assistance with this task.

Thanks to an intelligent combination of high-definition 3D radiology, extra-oral photography and computer software, the system means we can calculate the position of bones and teeth in relation to the patient’s face, as well as the angles between the different structures. It helps us to decide what we should modify in order to achieve the ideal final situation and also helps us select the most suitable procedure to accomplish this.

In the case of younger patients, it also allows us to calculate the remaining growth of the jaw bones and the size differences between milk teeth and adult teeth. With this information we can programme the best possible treatment.

We can simulate different types of treatment and preview the results. As such, we not only know the final position of the teeth, but we can also study how the patient’s aesthetic profile and facial appearance will turn out upon completion of the orthodontic work.

At Clínica Dental Padrós we use Dolphin 3D software with our digital radiology systems. Dolphin is an ingenious combination of high-definition 3D radiology and photography coupled with diagnostic and predictive software
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dolphin barcelona study orthodontic ceph clinic dental dentist padros
The Dolphin 3D orthodontic study system helps us to select the most suitable treatment for each case
Dolphin 3D

Dolphin 3D