Acceledent. Quicker orthodontic treatments

All patients receiving dental treatment wish to arrive at the end result as quickly as possible.

New orthodontic systems that use very light forces, such as the Damon® System, have already yielded faster, more accurate and more physiologically apt orthodontic treatments. However, we can reduce the duration of the process even further thanks to the Acceledent® system.

It is a simple device that is applied to the teeth for 20 minutes per day. It emits micro-pulses (Soft Pulse Technology) and micro-vibrations (eight times more subtle than an electric toothbrush), which accelerate the remodelling of the bone and allow the teeth to move up to 50% more quickly.

Making these new orthodontic treatments even more comfortable and faster than before.

The AcceleDent system reduces up to 50% treatment time

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Clínica Dental Padrós, your clinic in Barcelona equipped with the Acceledent system