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The dental correction system that improves facial esthetics is DAMON Orthodontic

Although orthodontic systems with invisible brackets are very comfortable to use, and their results are very good (provided they are properly studied and directed by a good orthodontic expert), they do not allow to control so precisely the position of the teeth at the end of the process.

In these cases we need to work with more accurate techniques. Damon Orthodontic uses very light forces, making it more comfortable and effective than other bracket systems. It allows to control with great precision, not only the ideal position of the teeth, but also the facial appearance of the patient and his profile. This is why not only the position of the teeth but also the image of the person’s face is corrected. Also, thanks to Damon Clear you will not notice that you have braces, they being practically invisible.

Damon orthodontic case

Before Damon orthodontic


After Damon orthodontic


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To make a correct diagnosis and plan, it is convenient to use the best cephalometric study systems (see Dolphin orthodontic studies), facial analysis and control by certified orthodontists and experts in the art.

Damon orthodontic is probably the best orthodontic system in the world, in terms of tooth’s movement control and its results.

We can also reduce the time required by the Acceledent device.

Case Damon orthodontics

Before Damon orthodontics


After Damon orthodontics


After Damon orthodontics

Clínica Dental Padrós is your authorised clinic in Barcelona for the Damon® orthodontic system.

Case Damon orthodontics

Before aesthetic dental and orthodontics
After aesthetic dental and orthodontics
After aesthetic dental and orthodontics

Testimonial Damon orthodontic

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Common Questions About Orthodontics Damon

What is the Damon system?

It consists of self-ligating brackets that are installed in the same way as traditional metal appliances. The difference is that instead of having to tighten the brackets and adjust the straps regularly, the Damon system is ready to use a sliding mechanism that connects by wire to the brackets, which moves naturally with the teeth as it aligns them into their correct position. This allows them to be more comfortable, more attractive and able to provide good results in a shorter time

The Damon system uses a different method to move the teeth to the correct position. The straps are attached to the memory wire that connects the sliding brackets without the pressure often produced by the traditionally used elastics. To make this movement little by little, they tighten with the passage of time. The process uses a lower force than the traditional appliances, which often requires a complementary treatment through dental extractions and palatal expanders.

What advantages does the Damon system offer over other traditional treatments?

Damon orthodontic has a number of advantages over traditional appliances appearance.

The transparent braces of the Damon Clear system make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they are virtually invisible.

Faster treatment time. A comparative study showed that patients using the Damon system ended treatment 7.2 months earlier than those with traditional brackets.

Lowest number of maintenance visits to your dentist. The study showed that almost half of your dentist’s appointments are needed.

Less pressure exerted on the teeth, resulting in less pain and friction. Patients have 60 percent less discomfort with Damon.

Less friction, which prevents erosion and deterioration of the teeth.

Fewer nooks and crannies where plaque and bacteria can build up on the suspenders.

Clinical studies have shown that Damon orthodontic is most effective those cases of correction of the alignment with severe crowding.

Are there any age restrictions for the Damon system?

Damon brackets are suitable for almost everyone. Most children, adolescents and adults can benefit. When you go to our consultation, your dentist will advise you at all times of both the traditional Damon option and the Damon Clear.

Will I notice pain?

Damon appliances cause far less pain and discomfort than traditional orthodontic systems. The brackets have a unique slip mechanism that allows the dentist to use much lighter forces to move the teeth to their correct positions. So not only is the orthodontic treatment shorter but also much more comfortable. The vast majority of patients experience little or no discomfort during the course of the procedure.