Dentistry treatments of the Dental Clinic Padrós

Sometimes medical treatments are presented as if they were products or merchandise, and offers such as “dental implant”, “orthodontics” or “ceramic cover” to a certain price X of euros, as if all the implants, orthodontics, or ceramic sheaths were the same with each other. Unfortunately this is a common practice that leads to confuse some people, because under that title may actually offer very different procedures. You can compare a particular model of phone or car with another exactly the same, but in no way can you compare a procedure that should always be personalized, and that requires so many steps, personnel involved, materials, techniques, and different technologies, etc.

It would be like saying “car to this X price of euros”, without specifying whether it is an electric buggy or audi, nor who will mount it, nor what benefits will offer us.

Fortunately, more and more people are aware that there are huge differences between what different dental clinics and different professionals can offer. It is for this group of people, concerned about receiving a quality treatment, for which we present some of the treatments that we offer. We have dedicated our lives to training and have the best possible means to offer our patients the highest quality treatments. No matter how long our experience and our knowledge are, we never stop learning, research and progress, to constantly keep the highest level.

In each dental specialty we always try to offer something more than a correct treatment. We want it to be the best option that exists today for each patient, and so we put it at your disposal.

We invite you to browse through the menu of treatments, where you will find more specific information for each procedure. If you want to know more about those, or have doubts about some aspect, do not hesitate to contact us and we will expand the information with pleasure.

Dentistry treatments of the Dental Clinic Padrós