Ozone therapy. Dental treatment with ozone. Healozone

Ozone therapy exploits the properties of the ozone molecule, which consists of three oxygen atoms. According to the US FDA, it destroys 99.9992% of pathogens. It kills bacteria 3,500 times more quickly than chlorine. It also eliminates viruses capable of surviving at high concentrations of chlorine. That is why it is used in water treatment plants serving hundreds of cities. It destroys fungi, spores and infectious prions. Additionally, it increases bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics.

Healthy human cells, on the other hand, are not affected by ozone thanks to their protective enzymes. Ozone neither causes any allergic reactions nor interacts with medicines, it increases the elasticity of red blood cells, oxygenates tissues, reduces bleeding and has an immunoregulatory effect.

For all of the reasons given above we use ozone as a tool to assist us in a multitude of dental procedures. Thanks to the use of ozone in dentistry we have achieved quicker curing times, improved healing, disinfection of inflamed areas, healing of ulcers, sores and herpes, etc.

It also allows us to stop the advance of caries and reduce tooth sensitivity very quickly.

Dental ozone. Healozone, along with other ozone therapy systems, provides improved healing in less time
HealOzone barcelona ozone ozone medical dental padros dental caries
HealOzone barcelona ozone ozone medical dental padros dentist