Dental lasers

Lasers produce a beam of light which concentrates a large amount of energy on a very specific point in extremely short pulses (0.000039 seconds), so they do not generate undesirable thermal effects like those produced by other systems (electrosurgical scalpels, ultrasound, etc.).

We have several types of dental laser for different applications: Lasers for treating gums, lasers for tooth whitening, surgical lasers, lasers for treating hard tissues, etc.

The KEY (Kavo erbium:YAG) dental laser

The KEY (Kavo erbium:YAG) dental laser is designed to work with soft and hard tissues. The wavelength of the beam it produces coincides with the wavelength of maximum absorption of the water molecules present in tissues (including those in teeth). The rapid vaporisation of these molecules provides the ablative action and simultaneous sterilisation of the point where the laser is focused. This is particularly useful when treating teeth (caries, root resorptions, etc.) and soft tissues (gums, mucous membranes, etc.).

With the wide variety of dental lasers at our disposition we can perform specific treatments that are as comfortable, trauma-free and accurate as possible, resulting in faster recoveries with no discomfort.

Lasers are suited to several applications in dentistry.

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