CamSight Digital Microscope

Within our range of optical magnification systems, one of the most outstanding is the CamSight Surgical Scope digital microscope. It is a high-definition camera with high optical magnification. The view is the same as that seen through a microscope, but the whole treatment team can see it simultaneously. Furthermore, it does not strain the operator’s eyesight, as tends to occur when looking through a traditional microscope.

It is also equipped with coaxial light, providing illumination in the operator’s viewing direction without creating shadows.

The dentists’ everyday tasks are physically much more comfortable with the help of the CamSight digital microscope, since their position is more upright and straight, with less strain on the back, shoulders and neck.

A further benefit is the ability to record images and videos of procedures and discuss them with the patient.

The CamSight Surgical Scope digital microscope allows us to carry out tasks with a high degree of precision and accuracy. It is also a requisite for certain minimally invasive treatments and microsurgery.

microscope digital camsight tooth barcelona dentist
Thanks to its high optical magnification, the CamSight digital microscope provides more precise treatments
CamSight Digital Microscope

CamSight Digital Microscope