We improve the experience of patients with fear or phobia of the dentist

As we have said many times, for the medical team of dental clinic Padrós the most important are our patients.

That leads to constant study in the search for methods and latest technologies to improve the treatments we offer.

According to a UK public health study, 36% of people suffer from moderate fear of going to the dentist while the number of people suffering from phobia is 12%. People who are afraid to go to the dentist have declined over the years, but today it is still fairly common and should not be ashamed of it.

How do we help patients with fear or phobia go to the dentist?

At Padrós dental clinic we offer patients with fear of going to the dentist conscious sedation. It is not a general anesthetic, therefore, the patient is conscious at all times, but does not suffer from nervousness, nausea, or anxiety.

At Padrós dental clinic we have extensive experience in patients suffering from fear of the dentist or phobia. We use conscious sedation to improve your experience during treatment

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, patients who require several simple treatments that require multiple visits to the clinic can perform them in a single session with sedation.

If you want to know more about what conscious sedation is, you can find more information in the section fear or phobia of the dentist.