Dental clinic Padrós, your dental clinic in Barcelona

Located in a modernist cataloged building of the emblematic Av. Paral·lel, your dental clinic in Barcelona is equipped with all the technical advances available.
We ensure to make your experience to the dentist pleasant and relaxed, that the atmosphere is welcoming and that it clearly reveals our desire to receive you with all cordiality.

In our dental clinic we use aromatherapy (to replace the classic smell of dental clinic with the pleasant relaxing aromas),you can enjoy the wait with a drink like coffee, soft drinks or infusions, reading updated magazines and books, surfing the internet with our free Wi-Fi, watching TV or other amenities that are available to you and your companions.

You will receive from the first moment a particularly cordial and friendly treatment of our entire team.

The pits are spacious and bright. The layout of the facilities is focused on achieving a good ergonomic of working. Despite being one of the dental clinics in Barcelona with more technological and instrumental clinical equipment, everything is arranged so that it does not interfere in the coordinated movement of the equipment. We have high-performance Durr compressors with safety spare parts, comfortable chairs Sirona (Siemens), water sterilization systems circulating in the equipment, quick sterilization autoclaves Stat-im, and Cornet furniture, etc. We are very respectful of the punctuality and we reserve the necessary time to be able to treat you without haste and to calmly explain all the details and doubts that may arise about your treatment.

In the pits of the dental clinic Padrós you will find comfortable armchairs Sirona (Siemens)
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Facilities Dental clinic Padrós in Barcelona

Photograph of the comfortable waiting room at our Dental Clinic Padrós - Dentist in Barcelona
The clinic Padrós has comprehensive equipment
hotograph of the exclusive operating room of the clinic Padrós in Barcelona
clinic Padrós in Barcelona has a room equipped with 3D radiology devices
Dental clinic Padróss in Barcelona uses the best technologies at the service of its patients
At clinic Padrós in Barcelona we like to offer a personalized treatment to our patients
Clinic Padrós in Barcelona has the best and most qualified professionals
At clinic dental Padrós in Barcelona we try to make our patients feel very comfortable
The patients of Dental clinic Padrós in Barcelona can be sure that they will receive a great clinical experience
Dental clinic Padrós in Barcelona uses the latest techniques and materials
Dental clinic Padrós in Barcelona has 6 large, very bright boxes
Clinic Padrós in Barcelona has a computerized network where the patient's history will be stored safely
At Dental clinic Padrós in Barcelona we like to help our patients, for that reason, do not hesitate to ask any questions that arise
In the Dental Clinic Padrós in Barcelona we counted on a study of photography for the studies of dental esthetics