From june 10th to june 13th we’ve travelled to San Sebastian estetica-salud-clinica-dental-padros-mejor-dentista-barcelona to see Dr. Iñaki Gamborena‘s course on techniques to achieve maximum long term aesthetics and health when placing immediate implants to replace anterior teeth.

We’ve been placing and studying dental implants for several decades and we’ve always worked on the key factors to achieve long term success. Today we know which are the clues and to what level is important to adequately program every case and properly handle the gums during dental implant placement.

It’s not a simple job and it’s not available to every dental clinician, despite what many adverts try to make us believe.

Dr. Gamborena has also deeply studied this subject and has showed us his studies, his clinical protocols and his results.  The course has been very well organized, with part of theory, a clinical case on a real patient and part of hands on practice and the presentation was excellent.